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by Polly Link on Beverly Crest Realty
A+ rating

Jack sold my home in less than three months. It needed some work and he took it off the market for three weeks and oversaw all the repairs and he made all the decisions in color,materials and style. His research of the area guided his decisions. When it was done, the first buyer to see my property made an offer. Jack goes above and beyond. The moving process is a lot of work and jack and his son helped me arrange furniture and even did some of the cleaning before taking the pictures. He did all the photos himself and is a master at marketing property. He made me feel like we were a team and I could call him for anything and he was always available and ready to help. I was so pleased with the quick sale, the price he negotiated and the flawless closing that I highly recommend Jack to anyone motivated to sell. He gets the job done.

by Kevin R on Beverly Crest Realty
Went Above and Beyond

This was the second time I have associated with Jack for the Sale of my house. The first time was in 2006 and it went so well that when I had to sell that house I called Jack again. I was moving out of state and Jack handled ALL the details and made it so much easier being 10 hours away. I couldn’t have pulled it off without him!! From scheduling vendors to do work on the house to being there to let them in and to check the finished product, Jack went WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND. As well as all the follow up that is needed to CLOSE THE DEAL!! And was a great advisor to make sure everything was thought out properly. I am so thankful he was willing to do that. I would recommend Jack to anyone in the NC/SC area looking to buy or sell a house. Thanks again Jack and look forward to seeing you again.

by Africanus on Beverly Crest Realty
Excellent Negotiator

Home purchase… went very, very well. (He) Went beyond the call of duty. Excellent negotiator and even discovered problems that I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed or addressed at the time of purchase/sale. Would definitely use him again and recommend him highly!

First Home Purchase

I have worked with Jack indirectly on the sale of one home and purchase of one home. I have personally purchased one home from Jack and have known several friends who have used him and have had great experiences too! He is extremely prompt, professional, and he listens to your needs. Not only will he send information on what you are looking for in your home, he makes time to take you to visit these homes. During the process, it is stress free and I do not have a feeling from him of the ”hard sell” to buy a home. I continually use Jack because of his overall demeanor, it is 100% honest. Jack befriends his clients, he gets to know them and their families to help with guidance and recommendations…. I have now been in my home 4 1/2 years and have never second guessed my decision of buying the home or using Jack. I am thankful he was honest with me at the beginning and just didn’t let me buy it on the whim. As long as I am in the Charlotte area, Jack will be my realtor because I know of his trust and honestly he gives each and every client

Best Christmas Gift

It was a countdown until the new house would be finished. The existing house had to be sold otherwise 2 mortgages would have to be paid at the same time. Running out of time, Jack was a God send. He got right down to business with making suggestions in and outside the house to be competitive in the selling market. He immediately got the necessary advertising together and the house and its details on line. Jack answered every question imaginable about selling a home at an off peak season, such as this one. He was very prompt in continuing his efforts even after 2 prospective buyers were denied a loan at closing. The 3rd was a charm, and Jack gave us the best Christmas gift that year. His professionalism and knowledge of the real estate business, made closing and the whole selling experience a pleasant one. Jack was positive and professional from the first hand shake. He makes you feel like the only customer and your needs are the most important. After 2 prospective buyers were denied loans, Jacks encouragement and tenacity, took a lot of doubt and stress away. He does not let up his efforts for any reason, and the house was sold a couple days before Christmas 2007. Others would have just excused the holiday times as slow or taken time off for themselves, but Jack cares about his customers and keeps his word to do his very best.

by Shedell on Beverly Crest Realty
2013 Short Sale Success

We needed to sell our home. We were badly underwater on the home, and to further compound our problems we had two lien holders, who were very unmotivated to assist us. Through a friend we were told Jack Oudin’s expertise. They were so right. If it was not for Jack, our house would not have been sold, and we would be now in foreclosure. Within a few weeks of listing with Jack, we had multiple offers for our three bedroom, 21/2 bathroom home, including cash offers. Everything was moving swimmingly, but then our lien holders placed multiple roadblocks, thwarting a swift sale. Unbelievably to us, the sellers, the lien holder than held only 20% of the home were rebuffing the contract, and making it impossible to move forward. Lines were being drawn in the sand. The first lien holders was becoming just as difficult as the second, preferring to threatening foreclosure, as opposed to selling as the deal stood. The financial lenders refused to cooperate with each other, leaving us the poor seller stuck between and rock and hard place. And yet, Jack was masterful. Despite two large institutions refusing to be even be mildly helpful, Jack was able to come up with a solution to their concerns. Knowing how little monetary value this entire process garnered Jack, I am amazed how helpful, and how responsive he was through the entire process. He answered every one of our questions (which were many). He returned every one of my calls, which also were many because of the lien holder’s refusal to be helpful. And through it all, Jack kept plugging away until we got the result we wanted- our house selling. It would not have happened without Jack Oudin. He was professional, intelligent and ultimately, and thankfully successful. Thank you Jack.

Highly Recommended!

Jack helped us to buy our first house in the
United States, he was very professional and helpful!!! Thanks

by The Hutchinson Family on Beverly Crest Realty
Awesome Service

As we embarking on the short sale of our house, my wife and I knew we would be in for a long frustrating process. However, we did not estimated the process would take almost a year. Jack was with us every step of the way through all the twist and turns. His stick-to-it-ness culminated in a successful short sale after an 11 month roller coaster ride. We are so grateful we had him at the helm. Thanks Jack! The Hutchinson Family.

The Perfect House!

Jack listened to us very closely to help us find the perfect house. The more houses I saw the more times I changed my mind, adding features I wanted, and deciding others weren’t that important. Not too long into the search, Jack found us our perfect house, and within our budget. Turned out our perfect house was a good bit different than what I originally told him, but since he was always paying attention when I saw yet another feature I liked, he kept up with them all and got us to our perfect house in just a few days. He must have been doing a lot of behind the scenes scouting too, as he didn’t have to take us to very many homes until he found us “the one”. MANY thanks Jack, still in our “perfect house” 8 years later! The Pelles Family

by Laura Reid on Beverly Crest Realty
Listing agent superstar!

Jack sold our home while we were on vacation! THis was 8 years ago but I will never forget it! His marketing was superior and his calm and collected manner is beneficial in this market especially! I would trust him with family any day! He is fabulous!

Matt and Laura Reid